Golden Oldies Bingo

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Last Thursday I attended a bingo evening as a fundraiser for a special little boy nicknamed Lionheart.

2015-06-25 21.37.04

I have been following Stacey for years and have always marvelled at how she manages with the cards life has dealt her. Not many would cope if they were dealt the same hand, that’s for sure. So when I first heard about this special fundraiser I just knew I wanted to participate, even if it was only a small part of the bigger picture. And then the added chance to dress up…it was a definite!

A colleague at work used to be a professional make-up artist, so when I first booked my seat for the event, I asked her whether she had ever done make-up to make someone look old, and whether she would stay late one day and do this for me. Of course, she said yes! And the end result was better than I could have hoped for.

The before pic (with my hair clipped back).
2015-06-25 20.24.49

And the after pic (after an hour’s work).
2015-06-25 20.24.49-1

And the after after pic once I’d found something to wear that would make me look older. (Notice I even mismatched the buttons on my cardigan because that’s classic old-person right?!)
2015-06-25 20.23.03

The bingo was super fun! The last time I’d played bingo was for my half-birthday last year at Beefcakes but that didn’t involve dressing up. The bingo cards were quite different this time and didn’t feature a standard square playing card. But it wasn’t a biggie as we got the hang of it really quickly.

I didn’t win a single round of bingo. BIG SAD FACE. But Robyn, who sat next to me, won three separate rounds! Lady Luck was definitely shining on her. Perhaps it’s a sign for her to quit her day job and take up bingo professionally! Ha! 🙂

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