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This time last week I was coming off a sugar and adrenaline fueled high after spending the day at Gold Reef City with some amazing guys – Gary, Ross, Jonathan and Derek (yes I was the rose amongst the thorns…well technically). It was a bitterly cold morning but we braved the weather to spend our day off at Gold Reef City.

Gold Reef City was quite quiet as it was the day after the public holiday so most people had taken a day’s leave and gone away for the weekend, or they were still stuck at work. But quiet is just the way Gold Reef City should be! It means no waiting in long queues to go on a ride. It means not having to wait for a table at one of the restaurants. It means not having to wait in line for a bathroom cubicle when you’re just about ready to wet your pants. It means happiness and adrenaline and sugar highs and skipping between each ride.

We finally arrived around 10am and stood in the (short) line for entrance tickets. (We would have arrived on time had Gary been paying attention to where he was going and not talking on the phone…tsk tsk…) As I haven’t been to the park in years I was quite surprised at the price of the tickets. I thought they would have been more expensive by now, but maybe they were slightly cheaper because June is an off-peak season?! Who knows…

You can tell how bitterly cold it was by Ross’ facial expression below (the guy on the very right of the pic) – he’s smiling but he’s gritting his teeth at the same time as trying to warm up his hands. It was so cold that after my first rollercoaster ride (the yellow loop-di-loop pictured first), I had to ask Jonathan if I could please borrow his jacket that he’d left in the car after putting something warmer on.

Not having to queue for any rides was a highlight as it meant we made the most of our day and went on as many rides as possible. Thinking back…we probably shouldn’t have gone on the loop-di-loop straight after breakfast… But we did! And for the most part I had my eyes closed because it was a little too much for me to handle. We went on the “miner’s revenge” and the swings and the shells and the ride next to the shells (which I went on twice) and the “runaway train” (where I thought I was going to fall out even though I had a seat belt on) and the “love boat” and and and… It was awesome…a little scary at times yes…but a fun-filled day nonetheless!

A pic of the boys… (From left: Derek, Gary, Jonathan and Ross)

The packet of candy floss I devoured. (I did share a little bit just for your information…)

I really love that they called the miner’s museum “The Crush”. It was quite informative though I’m sure it hasn’t been updated in a few years…

And I just loved this old carriage parked between the miner’s museum and the entrance to go down into the mine. Can just imagine having a very numb bum after travelling to wherever and back after sitting on the not-so-comfy-looking seat.

These peacocks were everywhere! I managed to snap one just before we left that was soaking up the last of the day’s sun.

And lastly… What would a fun-filled day at a theme park reliving your childhood be without an ice-cream?! The weather was a bit chilly for an ice-cream. And my hand did need to thaw once I’d finished eating. But I didn’t quite fulfil reliving my childhood by getting it all over my face. And it was the perfect end to a great day out! I would tell you to ask Jonathan as he’d back me up, but he’s convinced he didn’t eat the ice-cream and the pic below is photoshopped… 😉

What did you get up to?

Hugs & Kisses
Jessica Giggles

PS: As you can see, I have CrossProcessed the living hell out of my pics… What can I say, I love my CrossProcess app.


  1. Haven’t been there in years!! I need to take the kids

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  2. The last time I was at Gold Reef City was for a wedding a few years back. I really need to make an effort to get back there some time – looks like much fun still.

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