Fun at the Planetarium

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Last weekend I decided the afternoon would be well spent by ticking off another item on my list and going to the planetarium. I have wanted to go for ages because it’s a place I have never been to because, if I remember correctly, I missed my high school outing to the planetarium because of a swimming gala or something.

I was very happy to find that the planetarium has a website which covers the shows it has over the weekend. I went to the 3pm show of the Sky Tonight which was awesome as they point out some stars you’ll be able to spot in the sky for the next week. They then also give you a printout of this star map so that you can try and find the stars yourself. (Note to self to go to the planetarium again before I have a weekend away so that I can make sure I have the printout when the stars are at their best out of town.)

If you haven’t been to the planetarium then you really should change that soon! It is situated on the Wits University premises with more than enough parking.
planetarium 1

When you’re lead inside the domed area where the magic happens, you suddenly feel quite insignificant because the white dome seems so huge and then you stand next to the machine in the centre and feel even smaller!
planetarium 2

The machine is on a series of gears and basically projects the stars and planets onto the dome.
planetarium 3

The show isn’t just about stars, they also show you videos of what it’d be like if you were on Mars, what Saturn looks like, what the Milky Way looks like, etc. It really was quite interesting to see how small and minuscule Earth is compared to the rest of the solar system and our galaxy.

If I hadn’t been working at events and generally crazy busy this week then I would have loved to try and spot some of the stars in the sky. The trouble with being in a city is that you just don’t get to experience the starry skies of when you’re away. I think another road trip is in order…
planetarium 4

This was one of the things added to my list to do this year. See what else I’ve got up to or what I plan to get up to over here!

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