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A little while after I bought my home last year, I started looking for a fridge as this was something I didn’t have in storage and obviously would need when I moved in. I’d heard a lot about House of Demo and decided to go through to see what condition their stock was in. I knew that most of their stock had been on shop floors as demo models or may have been returned because it was slightly damaged (scratches or dents) so I wasn’t expecting anything absolutely perfect. I went through and was amazed at the amount of stock they kept – from washing machines and dishwashers, to fridges and televisions. I took a look around and found the perfect fridge! It was slightly banged up, mostly on the sides, but otherwise in great condition. So I bought it and ended up planning my whole kitchen renovation around this glorious side-by-side fridge. (Something similar to this pic.)

samsung fridge 1

I moved in towards the end of July and was super happy with how well the fridge worked for my needs; fitting in perfectly in the kitchen and being big enough to hold all my groceries without over-stuffing.

Around the beginning of October the freezer side stopped working. Although we jumped into action as soon as we could, we weren’t able to return the fridge and arrange a loan fridge until the weekend which was a few days later. This meant that we had a huge amount of wastage as I couldn’t cook the chicken (etc) quick enough after it’d thawed, and we didn’t have another freezer to keep it frozen. The worst part is that we had just done the monthly grocery shop!

House of Demo have a 1 year carry-in warranty which means it was our responsibility to bring any faulty item to their premises in Kya Sands. Moving a side-by-side fridge from a first floor apartment isn’t an easy task and was definitely not something we wanted to do again, but we managed to get our fridge returned and came back with a loan fridge for us to use in the meantime.

Two weeks later I was notified that the fridge had been tested and nothing was found to be wrong with it. I made arrangements with their preferred delivery team to bring our fridge back and then return the loan fridge. We also discussed in detail that should something be faulty with the fridge again then House of Demo would need to arrange to collect the fridge and we would want a new fridge. (I had by this stage paid two delivery fees of roughly R400.00 each and had organised to borrow a bakkie from MrMan’s company to return the fridge.)

For the rest of the year all was good and well and the freezer worked as it was supposed to. Then fast forward to us coming back from a December holiday, during the heatwave I must add, to find that our freezer AND fridge were not working. The freezer was oscillating between 11 and 13 degrees and the fridge was stuck on 3 degrees but was definitely more at room temperature! Because we’d been away when it first stopped working, not only had we lost any groceries that hadn’t been eaten in December, we now had the most awful smell from moulding frozen veggies and rotten chicken.

We immediately called the guys only to find out that they were only reopening the following week. So we had to live with the smell for a few more days, even after we had thrown away every item in the freezer and fridge.

House of Demo arranged to collect our fridge and deliver a loan fridge that we could use until we’d chosen a replacement. About a week later we were notified that there was more stock due to arrive on a Thursday and I made a plan to go through during work to see what was available. Unfortunately all the side-by-side units available had water dispensers that required plumbing which would not work with the new kitchen. Then we were told that some more stock had arrived one weekend, so again I went through to see what was available. And this time we were lucky!

There were two suitable side-by-side options, both had water dispensers but these were plastic water containers within the fridge which meant no specialised plumbing was required (pictured below). I chose the best one out of the two and organised for them to deliver early the next week.

samsung fridge 2

Big thanks to Mark from House of Demo who was so helpful and eager to get us sorted. I just hope this is the end of our fridge woes…

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