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I recently got hooked on Instagram. And after viewing other people’s pics, I came to realise that they had an app which allowed them to have two, three or more pics side-by-side in one pic. I had to have this app so I asked Twitter yesterday what it was called. Diptic. But Diptic was too expensive for my liking (at 99c) so the cheapskate that I am downloaded Frametastic which is free (for the time being I think). And I am loving it! I played with it a bit last night and today and have since suggested it to a few of my friends/followers and they’re loving it too. If you’re looking for a new app, see what you can create below and decide for yourself if you’ll be downloading it.

There are 18 unlocked frame options available which means countless ways to make your photos come alive. You can then choose one of five different themes to add a little something more to your pics.

Once you’ve chosen your frame, you then select a pic per section. I prefer to have taken all my pics so that I can choose from my Library, but you are able to take a pic on the spot too. Once you have chosen your pics the fun begins! If you touch a specific pic and select Apply Effects, you are taken to a menu allowing you to choose from a multiple of filter effects.

Once you are happy with the pics chosen and their filter effects, the last two things on your to-do list before saving is to choose the colour of your frame (A) and how rounded you want the edges of the frame to be (B).

The final steps include 1. select Save to Phone as this app does not save automatically to your Camera Roll, and 2. select Twitter, Facebook or Instagram to post directly to these applications.

So pic 1 is a singular “frame” with the edges rounded, pic 2 is two “frames” with the Museum theme, and pic 3 is three “frames”.

My creative side is super keen to try out every frame option, each filter effect, each frame colour… If your creativity is yearning for a fun new app, download this one and let me know what you think!

Hugs & Kisses
Jessica Giggles


  1. It is fantastic. So much better than Diptic IMHO 🙂

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  2. I downloaded it this morning after my phone said it was too big to download there (stupid know-it-all phone).

    Much better than Diptic – quite a fun little app actually.

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  3. I would love to download something like this for mac. Until I get my iphone, one day when my upgrade if due. If I can wait that long.

    Looks like a lovely app

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