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Previously For Sale signs meant a Sunday (or five) spent driving from show-house to show-house in search of our first home. It meant having to deal with estate agents trying to sell you a home that would be cheaper to demolish rather than being “a renovator’s dream” or “just in need of a coat of paint” (or so their ads say). There were often times that we made arrangements to meet an estate agent at a home for an after hours viewing, and felt obliged to view the house even though we knew it wasn’t for us just by seeing the front gate.

As an aside, there was one home we viewed in the middle of “Dodge-ville” that left us wanting to scrub the house off of us it was so disgusting! The carpets looked like they had never seen a vacuum cleaner. And the owners/tenants had AK-47’s and other guns on the wall. Uhm…ya… But now there’s an estate agent wanting to show you around. And you feel the need to say “Ooooh! What big rooms!” even though they smell of wet dog and look like a cat threw up in them.


So now that we’re over the drama that comes with buying a new home, For Sale signs now mean something else entirely!

Our neighbour must have recently met with an estate agent because late last week we saw the For Sale signs going up. This is a great thing considering these neighbours have zero security and live at their Vaal Dam home for most of the month. And as my mind is wont to do, I have thought up all sorts of elaborate things as to what will happen when we get new neighbours…

Like they’ll be a young couple, also recently married, and we will become the best of friends. And then they’ll have kids close to when we do and then our kids will grow up being good friends.

Or like the new home owners will be big on security and will approach us to get the boundary walls made taller (for more privacy) and to ask if they can put electric fencing up (without us having to ask or even pay towards it).

Or, the best idea of all, my sister and her family move next door and then I’ll get to see them all the time!

I know that these are all the ideal situation. I know that we may be forced to live next door to people who are loud or who’s dogs bark all the time. They may not even want to be friends or neighbourly. Perhaps you need to tell me your horror neighbour stories so I can get myself ready and prepared…

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  1. We’ve actually been incredibly lucky in terms of the neighbours we’ve had over the years.
    (I think sometimes I’ve been that horrible neighbour who shouts at her kids and swears a lot. :-/ )
    We did have one neighbour whose house was diagonally opposite ours whose alarm would go off randomly, sometimes for days on end because she travelled a LOT for work and was hardly ever there. Her security company couldn’t do anything about it either as it had to be turned off by her…. So every few days the alarm would go off and wail and wail and wail for hours or days until the battery went dead or she got home to switch if off.

    We plan to buy a large plot of land in a particular area in about 2.5 years’ time, and to build our dream home on it bit by bit. If all goes to plan, we won’t have to worry about neighbours much, as we’ll have a lot of space around our house…

    For now, we have some pretty cool neighbours – both single guys who rent on the same property as us. On the odd occasion when one of them has a party and plays his music a bit loud, we really don’t mind, considering the noise our 4 kids make on a daily basis!

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