Food Art

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When I was young I was told never to play with my food. Obviously Carl Warner was not told the same thing as he is known to create the most amazing art using food!

Carl is a London-based photographer who creates landscapes made entirely of food, which he has called “Foodscapes”. The pieces are created in his studio and are built on a large tabletop. The scenes are photographed in layers and then each element is stitched together in post-production leaving you with the final image that we see. It’s a time-consuming process but these final landscapes are definitely good enough to eat!

Candy Cottage
foodscape 1

foodscape 2

Tuscan Landscape
foodscape 3

Chocolate Express
foodscape 4

Salmon Sea
foodscape 5

White Chocolate Castle
foodscape 6

The artist himself with the set of the Lettuce Seascape.
foodscape 7

To see what else Carl has done, head over to his website.

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