First Impressions

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I saw this on Cat’s blog and thought it’d make a nice post here.

What’s the first thing you notice about a man when you meet him?

I am a very aware person so for me there are quite a number of things I notice about someone when we first meet. Probably on the top of my list is grooming. I check his hands to see if he bites his nails. I see if his hair is well groomed. I look at his shoes to see if they’re newly polished. I look to see if he’s clean shaven or if his beard is neatly trimmed. I believe that if a man takes care of himself, he’ll take care of you.

After that I look for a gorgeous smile, an infectious laugh, a sense of humour, unguarded eyes, etc, etc…

As Cat said, if you need some blog fodder – consider yourself tagged!

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  1. There’s nothing as off-putting as a guy with dirty hands. I always feel sorry for girls who are dating / married to mechanics, cause they can never get their hands completely clean

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