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Although we enjoyed the Valentine’s Movie Night, there were many people who complained about a tent not being put up etc etc. Coming from an events background I completely understood the need to take a call as to whether a tent should be put up or whether you brave whatever weather may be in store. Luckily they did have an indoor auditorium that we ended up finishing the movie in. Take a look here at the comments on the event page, taking note of Karl’s (aka Mr Man) fantastic post telling everyone where to shove their complaints!

Anyways…based on what happened the organisers advised they would give each guest a discount voucher to use on an upcoming event. I can never let a discount voucher go unspent or unused so I kept an eye out on the events coming up to find one that I hadn’t experienced before or something that would be really different/special for Karl and I to share. Enter the Farm to Table luncheon…

It was held at L’Antico Giardino in Elandsdrift which is one of the venues under The Forum Company. It’s a lovely outside area surrounded by lots of trees and concrete fountains giving you the feeling that you are further from Jozi than you really are.

MrMan and I arrived there around 2pm and were quickly shown to our little table for two. The surroundings were so gorgeous that decor was kept to a minimum which I loved.


The food was delicious and the service impeccable. I really enjoyed the celeriac soup which was part of the starter platter, as well as the garden lasagne as part of the main buffet. Best of all was being able to enjoy this feast while sitting outdoors with MrMan. To add to this fantastic atmosphere we were seated so close to this massive lemon tree which gave off a lovely and fresh citrus scent to accompany the relaxing sounds of the fountains.


We walked around the venue after lunch contemplating the possibilities of using it as a wedding venue. It has a lot of charm and many different areas that could work, but for me it felt like it was missing something special. Perhaps it was the concrete factory right next door that didn’t give the best views, or that no space worked perfectly as a ceremony spot…


We had a ball though and I really enjoyed spending some quality time with MrMan where it was just the two of us.


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