Farm Feast for Singles

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Yesterday I attended a lovely farm feast organised by Down To Earth for singles. Down to Earth was started by two ladies who wanted to create a special event for people to reconnect to and enjoy the food we eat, while at the same time realising the importance of the quality of produce. They have a lovely mobile kitchen in the form of a truck that allows them to create delicious menus based on what’s in season without being hampered by the venue. I have been on their mailing list for a long time and have always wanted to attend a feast. When I heard about this special feast for singles, I just knew it was a sign that I had to go!

The aim for this special event was to keep the number and gender of guests even, so the proviso in booking your seat was that you had to bring a single friend of the opposite sex along with you. I decided Hans would be my single friend and proceeded to twist his rubber arm into coming with me.

We arrived at the venue at 12h00 and found parking before traipsing down the path to where the tables were setup. The tables were positioned end to end but snaked along instead of being in one straight line. We kept mainly to ourselves in the beginning due to nerves and not knowing what to expect, but we loosened up after some wine and found people that Hans knew and started mingling.

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 The lunch was magnificent and totally worth the cost. We had some yummy canapes on arrival followed by a three course meal. Butternut soup for starters with homemade bread. Chicken casserole for mains with salad and sweet potato mash. And finally white chocolate cheesecake with caramelised pears for dessert. Craft beers and selected wines were available during the entire event and were part of the menu price we paid upon booking our spaces. Score!

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 I really had such an amazing afternoon. I loved spending time with Hans and getting to know some of the people we were seated with. I would definitely go to one of these again and invite all and sundry to join me! Big thanks to Hans for letting me use some of his pics.

This was one of the things added to my list to do this year. See what else I’ve got up to or what I plan to get up to over here!

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