Even geeks can pick up chicks

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You may not know the difference between peep-toes and courts (these are different types of #SexyShoes). You may wear spectacles because you need them and not because they make you look hipster-ish. You may have been plagued by stereotypically bad skin at high school which made you develop a personality. You may be a geek but you can still pick up chicks!

If you’re worried about trying out these pick-up lines with the ladies, remember this… Just as you were awkward and slightly weird in high school, there are members of the opposite sex that were just as awkward and weird. And just like you, they have come into their own over the years. They have taken an interest in their appearance. They can hold an intelligent conversation. They exude confidence. You just can’t go wrong with dating a geek!

Here are some of my favourite geeky pick-up lines…


2. Your eyes are like beautiful pools. When I look into them I think “H2 Woah”.

3. I am hoping you won’t block my pop-up…

Head over to GeeksDoingStuff.com to see the rest.

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