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I wrote this over at GeeksDoingStuff.com.

Pinterest is an endless sea of awesome and I find myself getting lost in her waters for hours and hours. The best thing about this online world of scrapbooking is that there are all sorts of interesting (and simple) DIY ideas. These are my top six.

1. The stiffy disk notebook
stiffy disk notebook

If you have a few of these old buggers lying around, why not upcycle them and make them useful again?! Head on over here to see how to.

2. Lego man headband
lego man headband

So you find yourself with some lonely Stormtroopers (or other lego men) and an extra headband… Grab a needle and thread, and sew them onto a headband to make a headband with extra force. Thanks The Stylish Geek!

3. Comic book heels
comic book heels

Before retiring your favourite pair of heels, consider giving them a makeover using your favourite comic. Inspiration and overview over here.

4. HTML earrings
HTML earrings

So these are not quite DIY, unless you have exceptional engraving skills, but they still make for an awesome gift idea. Thanks Etsy for making Geek cool.

5. Lego holiday ornaments
lego holiday ornaments

Spice up your Christmas tree with a few of these special little ornaments. If you click here you’ll find a few other ideas as well, like making your very own Golden Snitch ornament.

6. Comic book coasters
comic book coasters

You’re not one to damage your coffee table with glass rim stains, so get inspired with these DIY coasters using your favourite characters or immortalise yourself. Head on over here and see where your inspiration takes you.

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