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If you missed the before pics, head over here.

This big adventure all started with my kitchen as the first contractor I met with is a kitchen god! Although I knew more or less the colour scheme I wanted throughout the space, the entire thing all started with a sample of the kitchen cupboards. Can you believe it?! When I saw the particular shade and texture, I just knew it would be perfect, and that the neutral and modern palette I wanted would be realised.

The kitchen required a complete overhaul so the Kitchen God drew up some aerial plans for me as to the overall layout. This was so important for me to look at and relook at since trying to picture what it would be like was difficult when all you saw is what it currently was. He also drew up the layout from my view depending on where I was standing which helped me visualise as well.
2015-05-15 13.14.00

Who knew a kitchen could be removed so quickly?! It really was everything but the kitchen sink (and fridge) left and all of a sudden there was space, and lots of it!
during 1

Once the kitchen carcass started to be placed and installed I finally got a sense of the entire space and what my finished kitchen was going to be like.
during 4

I decided to tile throughout the space (including the bedrooms). Not only is this easier to keep clean and better for my asthma than carpets, but it is a fantastic way at creating a more modern and uniform style. Plus I couldn’t face the thought of carpeting after seeing the state of the old carpets, and what the floor looked like underneath since a base covering wasn’t used.
during 3

The bathroom was another eye-opener! The previous layout was such a bad use of space that there were approximately three or four full tiles that you could actually see and stand on. The space looked and felt cramped! Not to mention that the shower was a lot smaller than any standard size. Basically, I could stand inside with my hands on my hips and my elbows would touch the sides of the shower! Can you just imagine what it would have been like to try and wash my hair in there?! Plus the shower head was a lot lower than the standard height which would prove another problem if I’d kept everything the way it was.

The contractor I chose for my bathroom (and who ended up doing all the other bits other than the kitchen) was able to see a totally new layout that would make the bathroom look and feel so much bigger and make it completely different. My Mr Man lovingly drew up a layout for me after I moaned once too much saying I couldn’t see the end result. Once I got a feel of the new space and how the different elements would work, I was a lot more at ease.
2015-05-24 14.42.45

A whole lot of rubble! A whole lot of space!
during 2

In total the renovation took about 1.5 months to complete which is more or less what I’d planned on. And the final product really took my breath away!


  1. Can’t wait to see the after shots!

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  2. C’mon, let’s see the after already!
    Isn’t it weird how poorly people generally tend to plan spaces? It’s THE main reason I don’t want to buy an existing house – I’d rather build from scratch.

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