Driving with Joy

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Remember this post where I found out I had an incorrect restriction on my drivers license and then wrote to the papers because it seemed like my last option? Well a month and a half after the letter was published my drivers license woes are no more, and it’s all thanks to Estrelita the manager of the testing station!

She has been a life-saver in all of this! Many phone calls back and forth. Emails back and forth. And a lot of admin on her side. But it’s finally sorted!

She had to start with tracking down a copy of my driving test to prove that I did it in a manual car but with glasses/contact lenses. This proved quite tricky as apparently the hardcopy records are destroyed a few years afterwards so she had to sift through the softcopy records on the database. (Thank goodness for this database!) She finally found the correct records and had to get these through to the Transport Department along with a copy of my ID which I had to fax through. A week or so later she called to say everything was sorted and I could go and get my license renewed again.

I went through to my closest licensing department in Randburg this Monday and sat in the queue for 2 hours before the electricity went off and I gave up. I went back again on Tuesday and decided to speak to the operations manager before joining the queue. He was most unhelpful telling me that the restriction hadn’t been changed on the system. I tried to explain to him who I had spoken to, what the process had been, etc but he just wouldn’t listen. He just told me to go to Roodepoort where I did my license as they would be the only ones that could help me. So I got in my car and drove the 30 minutes to Roodepoort.

And oh my, Roodepoort was amazing! I was in and out in 5 minutes without having to wait in a single queue. The team there were so helpful in ensuring the error had been changed that I wanted to hug them all.

It’s all sorted. A huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

Today I drove through to the Florida Testing Station to meet Estrelita in person and to give her a little something to say thank you. It was the least I could do after she helped me so much.


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