Driver’s Licence Woes

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At the beginning of May I went to the Randburg Licensing Department to renew my driver’s licence card. I arrived early one Thursday morning and took my place in the relatively short queue. I had no issues with the change in my surname or outstanding fines that needed to be paid, which were two of my major worries.

When renewing my licence, I have always gone to the Randburg branch because it’s nearby. Over the years they have updated their systems and when I went this year I discovered that before you pay the amount due with the cashier, they print out a page with your details that you then sign to confirm. In reading over my details I found that there was an incorrect restriction listing me as only being able to drive an automatic. Since I did my driving test in a manual car, this was obviously an error. The cashier advised me that this error could not be rectified on his system, only the testing station where I did my test could do that.

I got back home and called the testing station hoping to get a positive answer. The lady that answered the phone laughed at me and told me that since I had done my test so long ago the records had been destroyed and if I wanted to rectify the error I would have to redo both the learner and driving tests. I put the phone down and promptly burst into tears that I had yet another thing to deal with now.

I was still mulling over the situation and what I should do when I met someone at my dad’s house when I went there for dinner. He was a BIG help! First he advised me to go back to the Randburg Licensing Department and see the manager on duty to confirm that the error was not made there when renewing my licence. Once I found out that it definitely could not have been made there, he suggested I email my story through to two newspapers which I then did.

It was so weird that early last week I received a call from the testing station in question and was advised that the manager was working on it and would get back to me. I didn’t quite understand how they knew who I was when no-one had responded to my email. It was only when I saw my letter published in the newspaper on Friday that I put two and two together.


I love how JMPD responded that I may be interpreting the code incorrectly. I definitely am NOT interpreting the code incorrectly as I checked my licence card against my sister, my dad, my uncle…the world basically. The only restriction I should have on my card is having to drive with glasses/contact lenses which is a driver’s restriction. Please do yourself a favour and check your card thoroughly.

I’m hoping the manager at the testing station will be able to help put things right so that I am not forced to buy an automatic car or redo those darned tests.

(If you want to know the ending to this story then click here…)

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