Down, Up & Forward

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I decided to use Camilla’s blog piece as inspiration for today’s post…

1. Watching Bafana lose on Wednesday night
2. Freezing at the office because winter decided to arrive
3. Waking up feeling grumpy each day this week and not knowing why
4. Realising the monthly grocery shop we did at the beginning of the month has not lasted as long as it should have

1. Going home early yesterday (albeit to take my fiancé to fetch his car from it’s service)
2. Being able to spoil my fiancé with a beautiful winter coat on Wednesday
3. Having a quiet day at office today and yesterday
4. Knowing that today is Friday even though it’s disguised as a Tuesday (Wednesday was a public holiday in South Africa)

1. Going to look at paper tomorrow for our wedding invitations/stationery
2. Seeing my family on Sunday for Father’s Day celebrations
3. Spending some quality time with my fiancé
4. Climbing into a hot bath as soon as I’m home this afternoon

Hugs & Kisses
Jessica Giggles

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  1. Hmmmm, a hot bath sounds awesome, though I may have shower instead. Enjoy your weekend lady!!

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