Doorstop Doglets

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Since moving into my home I’ve been on the lookout for some doorstops. The patio doors are fantastic when open as they bring the outside in and create even more space in the place. BUT there are no latches to keep the doors open, and even if there were, there wouldn’t be enough space to get around the door to latch them because of the patio balustrade. And I hate doors banging closed because of the wind. For a while we’ve been using an old wooden wine rack to wedge the door open but I wanted something nicer, something cuter, something more long lasting…

One weekend I decided to make it my mission to see what was available and my first (and only) stop was Mr Price Home as I spotted these little cuties. They have a light grey-blue coloured fabric with little white embroidered hearts, little ribbon collars and then sewn-on noses and eyes.  How could I resist them?!
doglet doorstop 2
So meet Scotty and Harry. They are so well behaved and well trained that they know exactly what is required of them. Best house-trained doglets I’ve ever had! 😉

doglet doorstop 1

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