DIY Lego Wall

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lego feature

Are you looking at redecorating your home and want a feature wall that will be different and will become a talking point? Then this idea is for you!

lego wall

Step 1: Get your supplies
Depending on your wall, you’ll need to buy some pieces of wooden board. You’ll also need Lego baseplates, Lego bricks, a spirit level, superglue, screws, etc.

Step 2: Mount the masonite
Cut the board to size, or use multiple boards to fill the wall space. Attach the board to the wall space using the screws. If you are using multiple boards, make sure the boards are flush together without any spaces between.

Step 3: Glue on Lego baseplates
Use the superglue on the back of the Lego baseplates and stick these to the wooden boards. Once the first Lego baseplate is secured, use Lego bricks to stabilise the other baseplates being stuck on.

Step 4: Let it dry
Allow the Lego baseplates at least 24 hours to dry.

Step 5: Decorate
Now’s the time to get creative! Use your Lego bricks to decorate the baseplates.

lego walls

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