DIY Christmas Tags

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As we are having an early family Christmas this coming Saturday, I had to get all the wrapping done this past weekend. Thinking ahead, like I do, I had been wondering how I could tag all the gifts in a new and creative way. I stumbled across a similar idea a few weeks ago giving me enough time to collect enough used toilet rolls for the project.

They were really easy to do! And I think they’ve added a nice touch to the finished Christmas pressies. (Only a few were pictured as there were too many to add in one shot.)

I think these would also be a lovely handmade gift for family or friends for their Christmas trees!

If you want to try these, then follow the steps below.

Collect some used toilet paper rolls. (TP rolls for short.)

Get some red paper/cardboard, a black marker, a red marker, white paper, ribbon/twine/string, cotton wool or fluffy balls, sellotape, thin double-sided tape, a glue stick, and liquid glue.

  1. First cut a strip of double-sided tape and attach this to one side of the TP roll.
  2. Line up the TP roll’s double-sided tape to the red paper/cardboard and stick down. (The sides of the TP roll will remain uncovered.)
  3. Roll the TP roll along the paper/cardboard to measure out how much will be needed to cover the roll completely. Cut off the excess amount.
  4. Attach another piece of double-sided tape to the edge of the paper and roll out the TP roll again and secure the paper/cardboard. Cut off any excess amounts from the sides so that the red paper/cardboard is the same length as the TP roll. (If you use cardboard then you may need to sellotape the edge to stop it from unsticking.)
  5. Stand up the TP roll and keep the paper line on the back as this will be the back of the tag. From the top, press down the middle of the front and back pieces to create the arch. (These will become the legs.)
  6. Then turn the TP roll to the side so that the paper line is on the side. Then press down the middle of both top sides not yet done to create the hat. It will look like an upside down “Y”.
  7. Cut triangular pieces from the white paper. Using the black marker, create the face shape as per the pictures, and add in a mouth. Then use the red marker to create his nose.
  8. Use the glue stick to stick this face on the front of the toilet paper. (Using the paper line as the back and two leg pieces at the front bottom to make sure you’re positioning in the right place.)
  9. Then use the black marker to draw out the belt.
  10. Cut a length of ribbon.
  11. Open up the hat part of the TP roll. Use some liquid glue on the inside front of the TP roll and stick down the two edges of the length of ribbon.
  12. Once this has dried, close the two edges or flaps to create the hat again.
  13. Using the liquid glue once again, stick some cotton wool or a fluffy ball on the tip of the hat.

For an easier version, I also created flat tags…

Cut out a rectangular piece from the red paper/cardboard. Then fold in two opposite corners and cut these off. Then follow from step 7.

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