Dinner & Cougar.com(edy)

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On Friday we were invited to a special evening at Catz Pyjamas with dinner and a show.

The owner is trying to change things up a bit and appeal to a different audience (considering university students are a big part of their patronage). We had no idea what to expect when we arrived and I think that set the scene completely.


We were seated close-ish to the stage so we would have a great view when the show began. But first we ate! We shared a few starters – haloumi with a mushroom marinade and sweet chilli sauce, fried mozzarella served with guacamole, and chicken strips accompanied with a peanut butter sauce. We then promptly placed our orders for mains, not because we were worried about the show starting, but because we needed more of that delish food in our tummies!

Then it was on to the show… (We saw this poster at the front door when we left later on, but I thought it’d be a good idea for you to have a look before we continue.)


The best thing about this show was that we had no expectations. The show itself was a little unpolished. But that didn’t detract from us having a great time and laughing ourselves silly at some of the skits.

If you are wanting to experience these cougars for yourself, they are performing at Beefcakes JHB tonight. Click the link to take you to their website to book a seat.

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