Dear TomTom

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As much as I love and adore you, your website is giving me grey hairs! I have been trying for most of the afternoon to install an update and I have been going round in circles with your site.

I have already created an account and set my location to South Africa. I did the first set of updates when I first got the device and all was Hunky Dory. Until now…

So I received the notification about this update and promptly plugged my TomTom into my laptop to install. I opened MyTomTom and clicked on “Details” to take me through to the updates page.

But when I tried to download the update, it kept asking me to sign in when I was already signed in.

I had thought that it was perhaps just an extra security measure so I logged in again. But then I was back at square one, and it had signed me out completely! When I logged in again and tried to attempt my update again, I discovered that the online Gremlins had changed my destination to United Kingdom. *big sad face*

I gave up on this quite quickly and then tried to sort out my 1 Year Free Live Services. I discovered that my subscription was finished and needed to be renewed. But I only got the device a few weeks ago! *bigger sad face*

I’m hoping that the Gremlins will fix themselves and all will be well in my world again. Fingers crossed and all that…

Hugs & Kisses
Jessica Giggles

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