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I phoned you a few weeks back to find out your return/refund policy and I was advised that unfortunately you do not do refunds but that I could exchange my purchase for something else. I traveled through to your Sunninghill store on Sunday to return my purchase and went in search of a suitable replacement (a new pair of shoes). I discovered that the new pair I had chosen were well below the amount I had paid for my purchase and was then told that I needed to make up the outstanding value by purchasing jewellery or something. I tried to take my time in selecting some jewellery but unfortunately your shop assistant was standing on top of me hurrying me along with many “what about this” remarks that I was forced to make a quick decision. Nevertheless I managed to find two sets of pretty earrings which I took to your front desk along with my shoes to finalise everything.

It turned out that I still had R55.00 available. But in all my searching through your jewellery cupboard, I found nothing that was under R90.00, and I was not about to put in extra money to pay for something that I actually didn’t really want or need but was forced to have. In the end I asked the clerk if she couldn’t just give me a credit note for the outstanding amount due to me that I could use towards something in the future. A resounding NO was the answer. So after crappy customer service and them looking at me with “can we just hurry things along please” looks, I told them to keep their R55.00. She then asked over and over again “am I sure”. Well I kinda have to be, don’t I?!

After all of that, I returned home and found out that one of the pairs of earrings I bought is short of a butterfly. Yes I should have checked my “purchases” to make sure I was happy. But surely you should only have items on display that are perfect?

The main reason for this post is this… I understand that you won’t give refunds as many brides/bridesmaids/etc purchase something and then have buyer’s remorse and want to return it, or they find something better and want to return their purchase. My question is this, surely you can make an exception to this rule? Surely if the purchase is below X amount you can refund the client in cash? Or at the very least give them a credit note for that amount? I can tell you right now that most people aren’t organised, so should they get a credit note from you, they will more than likely put it in a “safe place” to use at a later stage and then forget all about it…

Think about it…

Jessica Giggles


  1. weird that they have such policies… especially for a meagre amount like R55.00? Not even to mention incomplete jewellery items.

    You’re not the first person I know of to have a less than pleasant experience with Bride & Co.

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  2. A couple years back I called off my wedding 2 months before d-day, and had THE MOST horrendous experiences with most of the service/ product providers in the weeks that followed trying to get something for the hundreds of thousands of rands spent, that would amount to nothing. (Like calling off a wedding isn’t stressful enough?!)

    It seems that the minute the word “wedding” is placed in front of any product or service (Wedding cake, wedding venue, wedding dress etc), providers think it appropriate to enlarge the price to something resembling a small country, and feel that should your “happy day” not be so happy…well, that’s nottheir problem is it?!

    I’m so sick of this industry that capitalises on the celebration of a relationship milestone but accepts none of the responsibility of the implications. With the introduction of the CPA, and tripple bottom line reporting, this industry had best start taking notice of the people that they are sucking dry, and start giving back! Rant over.

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  3. Well now thank you for this post. You see I have not yet settled on a wedding date, but my plan was to just to go my nearest Bride & Co and get a dress there. But if this is their idea of customer service then I shall start looking at other options. Getting married is stressful enough, and to deal with a supplier like this under stressful conditions is definitely NOT something that I want to do.

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  4. Does the Consumer Protection Act not apply to Bride and Co? I am looking for a dress at the moment and Bride and Co. has let me know that they charge a 50% non-refundable deposit. Huh? I’m definitely not going to them!

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    • I’m not sure if it does or not… If I were you, I would look at a few different bridal shops before deciding. Not only will your decision be well made, you will also be able to investigate their payment policies etc.

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