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I went shopping yesterday at your branch in Cresta Shopping Centre. I was in search of wedding gifts from two gift registries that my friends had set up for their upcoming weddings. In one word my experience was a nightmare!

First off your gift registry counter is tucked in the back of the shop. I had to ask at the paypoint if they could assist me in finding the registries and they merely pointed me in the direction of the gift registry counter. The next torturous step was getting the registries printed off. Nowadays it is cool and easy to have touch sensitive screens. But that’s if they work correctly. And that’s also if they have a competent person behind it. It took about 10 minutes to get the two registries found and printed off. Then it was time to scour the shop to find the items I wanted to buy…

I walked around the store for about an hour trying to find the few items I would be purchasing. It would have been quicker if one of your store attendants were to have offered to assist me. Or if it were perhaps store policy that the person working behind the registry counter assist customers purchasing off a registry. If this can’t be done, can you not find a way to make it easier for us to choose off a registry? Perhaps you can have a set of shelves in a back room set aside for registries? It would take a fraction of the time to find something and make the experience that much more enjoyable!

If I had “fun” searching for the items I ended up purchasing, more fun was to be had while watching the lady wrap the presents… To say the very least, I am a perfectionist. And to stand behind the counter and watch one of the shop attendants attempt to wrap the presents, was a feat in keeping my OCD under control. It took longer to wrap these gifts than it had taken to find them. Surely the time spent wrapping would ensure the gifts looked perfect? Unfortunately not! These gifts are going to be presented to a bride! Surely more care should be taken in wrapping them? Surely old boxes should be kept in the back for times when the object is an odd shape and would thus be a hassle to wrap? Instead one of my gifts looks like this:

Why wrap everything using one piece of paper when you can wrap separately and then wind sellotape around all four items to stick them together? And then strategically place the ribbon to mask this atrocious sellotape job! And why keep the paper all neat and uncreased when wrapping if you will just tip the gift on it’s side crumpling the unfolded paper in order to fold on the other side. And why keep the sellotape usage to a minimum to keep it neat and clean when you can use an entire roll on just one gift! The mind boggles!

Would you present this gift to a bride at her wedding? I think not… So I will be rewrapping them myself. And if I ever have to buy off a gift registry from you again, I’ll be sure just to buy the items and wrap them at home myself.

Jessica Giggles


  1. I had to laugh at the wrapping part….it drives me insane ( and I am not a perfectionist, so it must have been driving you dilly).
    I refuse to let the shops wrap my gifts.

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  2. Very shoddy and crappy service . Really, I have ever just found @home and Woollies very helpful with gift registers.

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  3. That is SHOCKING wrapping. You did well not to say anything. I would have told the attendant to stop and just put the items in a bag and be done with it.

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  4. Good gravy! Why do they bother wrapping it at all!?

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