Custard Caramel Fridge Tart

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This dessert was so easy to make and a real hit! It does need to be refrigerated overnight so be sure to make it ahead of time.

Biscuit base:
250g Tennis biscuits, crushed
200g butter, melted
Custard layer:
1,5l milk
200g sugar
3 eggs
100g flour
100g cornflour
2 tsp vanilla extract
50g butter
extra 250ml milk
Caramel pudding layer:
1 box caramel instant pudding
250ml cream
1 can caramel treat
1 slab milk chocolate, grated


  1. Mix the biscuits with the melted butter and press it firmly into the bottom of a deep, square 30 cm dish. Let cool until needed.
  2. Heat 1 liter of the milk with the sugar for 10 minutes in a large microwave-safe bowl.
  3. Whisk the eggs and remaining 500 ml milk, flour, cornflour and vanilla extract in a separate bowl until smooth.
  4. Mix the flour mixture into the hot milk and microwave for about 4 minutes, stirring every minute until the mixture is thick. Beat in the butter and let cool.
  5. Beat the extra milk and instant pudding together. Whip the cream in a separate bowl until soft peaks form and fold in the instant pudding.
  6. When the custard has cooled, pour over the cooled biscuit layer. Smooth caramel treat over the custard, then add the instant pudding mix. Top with grated chocolate (and crumbs of any leftover biscuits) and refrigerate overnight.

This recipe caters for about 10-12 guests.

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