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I have naturally wavy-curly hair but since I am not a fan of my hair in its natural state, I usually straighten it. This also means that my hair is more manageable between washes as in its curly state I end up not brushing it for days…

Saying this though, I do still love the option of having curls. Since my curly hair doesn’t always listen when I need it to, I have wanted a hair tool that will give me perfect curls every time. I have tried to use my hair straightener to curl my hair as “they” it can double up as a curler. But even after watching multiple different How To videos, I am still not able to get it right. I also tried using a curling tong but I ended up with more burns to my ears, neck and forehead than curls. So I decided to try out the BaByliss Curl Secret. I think my life may have been changed…


The curler works very similarly to a hair straightener in terms of working from the scalp to the end of the hair. The difference with the Curl Secret though is instead of winding your hair around a tong and releasing it after a certain amount of time, you rather place a section of hair between the designated space then close the tongs allowing the strand of hair to be pulled into the curling chamber where it is heated.

Although it is super easy to use, the first attempt is nerve-wracking as I wondered what would happen if my hair got stuck in the chamber. Would I have to resort to cutting the strand off at my scalp?! There is a built-in safety feature whereby the device beeps an alarm if you haven’t put the hair in correctly or if it has become tangled. Just in case though, I started off with a bottom section of hair. 🙂

The device has multiple settings for temperature as well as curliness! The temperature gauge has two options – fine hair (I) or normal hair (II). Then there are three options for the type of curl you’re after – wavy (8), curly (10) or tight curls (12).

Once you have placed a section of hair into the mouth and it has pulled the strand into the curling chamber there will be a succession of beeps about a second apart ending off with quick consecutive beeps. Once you reach the faster beeps you need to release the tongs and slowly pull them away from your head. Depending on the level of curls you’re after, the number of beeps will be different.

When I tried out the tongs I opted to put the temperature setting for normal hair and went for the in-between “curly” option. Keeping the chamber always directed towards my scalp, I slowly worked my way through sectioned pieces. I think it took about 20 minutes in total which is roughly what it took me to straighten my hair when I first got my GHD so I am sure I will get better and quicker with practice.

This is the final look! Definitely think I’ll be more confident the next time round and about to contort my arms a little to get the curls to start from higher up at the back. But for a first time, I think I did quite well.

hair 1

hair 2

I definitely want to see what the difference is between the wavy and tight curls setting. I will probably switch between wavy and curly more often than using the tighter curls I think…

If you want to see the full How To video, click below.


  1. Omg Jess, that looks absolutely stunning. Contemplating growing my hair just to buy this thing! Would love to see what the wavy look is like – I suck with my GHD and curling tongs make too many curls.

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    • Curling tongs/wands and a GHD is just not my thing when it comes to creating curls! This little beauty is fantastic. You’re welcome to come past and we can test how it works on shorter hair… 🙂

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  2. Stunning! I love this option. Maybe I’ll twist your arm to let me try yours out before buying my own.

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    • My arm is pretty rubbery so you’ll be able to persuade me quite easily! Plus, I took mine to work the one day so a colleague could try, and she’s since bought herself one too! Totally all for trying before buying.

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  3. Sounds like something I could love, if it curls well enough that my hair holds he curls for the duration of the day/event…

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    • I think the trick would be lots of hairspray! 🙂 But also curling on the tightest curl so that your hair is still curly/wavy by the end of the day even after they’ve “dropped”.

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