Cupcakes with Secret Lindt Chocolate Centres

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The other weekend I decided some baking was required! I took out my box of recipes and quickly chose my favourite vanilla cupcake recipe.

While taking out all the ingredients to place on the kitchen counter, I came across a jar of assorted Lindt chocolate balls I had forgotten about. I brought them out too and decided to try create a secret centre or secret filling per cupcake. I happened to have some dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, hazelnut noisette, and caramel filled Lindt balls that I set aside.

filled cupcake 1

After making the cupcake batter I brought out some special cupcake holders that I used for the secret centre cupcakes so I could tell them apart from the normal cupcakes which would be in plain white. (I didn’t have enough Lindt balls to make all the cupcakes have secret fillings.) I put a bit of the batter in, then popped in a Lindt ball, and finally topped with some more batter leaving enough room at the top for the cupcakes to rise.

filled cupcake 2

I’m not sure whether it was the difference in cupcake holders with thicker paper or the addition of the chocolate ball but I had to bake the cupcakes for longer than normal. Once they’d baked and cooled a little I iced them with a chocolate butter icing.

The cupcakes had barely been iced or cooled down completely before I took one, gave one to MrMan, and we devoured it! They were perfect! Still warm from the oven. And the chocolate was still soft and gooey. The only thing I realised after biting into one was that the chocolate had sunk to the bottom. It was obviously too heavy during the baking process but they still tasted amazing!

filled cupcake 3

I’m thinking that the next time I make secret centre cupcakes that I’ll try marshmallows… They are lighter in weight and perhaps won’t sink to the bottom but should still go gooey in the heat of the oven.

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