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With the beginning of a new year has come the need to start decorating my home and getting each room settled and sorted. The first two things I wanted to get done was getting blinds sorted for certain areas and a couch for the TV area in the loft.

Towards the end of last year I came across this awesome Facebook page where users can sell second-hand goods. I had been keeping an eye on the group to see if anyone was selling a previously-loved couch that was in good condition, but most importantly would fit within the confines of the loft area. I had seen a few that looked great but were just too big for the space. I was almost at the point where I thought I’d have to grit my teeth (and loosen my purse strings) and buy a brand new couch when I saw the one!

It was the perfect size. It looked super comfortable. And it was being sold by someone I know, which is a definite plus as you can imagine the number of scammers out there.

I made plans to view the couch the Thursday I returned from holiday to see what condition it was in, as well as to sit on it to make sure it was as comfy as it looked. And it didn’t disappoint! We made plans there and then as to when I would collect, which would be that Sunday.

The move from their place to mine was uneventful, as it should be. One of MrMan’s friends arrived just as we got back as he was going to help us to move it in. Just as well there were two guys to move it in as it ended up being more difficult to get in than we’d anticipated…

We’d measured the loft area where the couch would be, BUT we didn’t think to measure the small staircase going up to the loft. Based on the pitch of the thatch roof and the size of the couch, there was zero possibility of getting it up there using conventional means. So we had to go through the kitchen and use the balustrade as a leverage point.

It was pretty stressful, I won’t lie! The couch was first positioned normally and then the guys moved it so that the couch was standing up (the longest part reaching from floor to ceiling). They then hoisted it up a bit while I manoeuvered some dining room chairs underneath the one end to give it some height to start the leverage process. Then it was a case of climbing on step-ladders to hoist the couch on top of the kitchen cupboards and motoring up the stairs to help pull the last of the couch over the balustrade. I am still reeling from the stress of worrying whether the balustrade would break, whether the kitchen light would be pulled out, whether someone would end up crushed by the couch as it came tumbling down… If anything this experience has taught me never to underestimate MrMan and his ideas!

Now that the couch is up and being lounged on, I have been told that if we ever move or if I sell the house we will have to sell the couch with it. Little does MrMan know that this couch is coming with us no matter where we go because it’s comfy as hell! Plus, gravity will be on our side when we need to move it out through the kitchen… 🙂

Now I just want to add a few colourful cushions, maybe change the throw blankets, and add an ottoman that can double as a small coffee table. We’re definitely on track to getting sorted – 1 down!



  1. Hahahaaaa! We, too, have experienced the logistical joys of maneuvering a bully, awkwardly shaped object into a very specific space; In our case, a 1 Tonne minibulk container of liquid resin… Fun times!
    Congratulations on getting your lovely new couch settled in its proper place – It looks awesome!

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    • I’m glad I can look back now and laugh, but OMG was it stressful! I’ve also had fun (stress) having to move fridges with this new place as I’ve had multiple issues…but that’s for another post!

      Not sure what you’d do with liquid resin and in that quantity but I can only imagine how difficult that was.

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