Converse: #ForTheFans

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Last week I received an invitation to the Converse #ForTheFans event and was too excited. Based on the event I attended last year, I just knew this year’s event was going to be fabulous. In case you don’t remember, last year I received a pair of plain white high-tops and was told to decorate them and wear them to the event. (You can see how I decorated them over here.) This year I was told to bring only my awesome self…

Of course I had to wear my limited edition Converse sneakers. Limited edition because they are the only pair in existence since I decorated them myself.

As we arrived we were handed a wad of Converse Currency and a note explaining how the money would work. We had 2000 Converse Currency to spend and we had to spend it all. And unfortunately Rands would not be accepted.


There were all sorts of Converse goodies to choose from – sneakers, jackets, bags, hoodies, sunglasses, T-shirts. Based on the fact that I love shoes (and that I couldn’t find jackets or shirts in my size) I just had to choose two pairs of sneakers. I ended up choosing a plain white pair and a gorgeous corally pink pair.

Thanks Converse for an awesome afternoon of spoils!

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