Confessions of an OCD-aholic

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Hello, my name is Jessica, and I have OCD. No, scrap that…I have major OCD! I am OCD to the point that perhaps I should be put in a straight jacket… Okay, maybe I’m not that bad!

I obviously spend the majority of my time at home and at the office, so my OCD is at it’s craziest there:

At work…
1) I have a specific filing system on my PC which I think is very necessary, very easy to put in place and easy to maintain. I pride myself on the fact that should I be out of the office (at an event or off sick), anyone can get onto my PC and find what they’re looking for. Okay…so maybe I have gone a bit overboard by creating folders in my emails, but this helps me a lot! Not only do I know that the emails sitting in the inbox are the ones I have not processed (etc), I am able to find emails pertaining to X company’s event that happened in X year by looking in that folder.
2) I have a very specific way of keeping my desk which is also very important. Yes it can get a bit crazy and messy when I’m working on two exhibitions/events at once, but anyone will be able to find what they’re looking for because it’s clearly marked. Each function has it’s own folder (with it’s name on the cover) where all information is stored pertaining to that event. Should this folder get too full, I’ll transfer it to a lever arch file where I’ll hand-make file dividers. (Hand-making file dividers is not as time intensive as you might think. Plus it saves the company money – go me!) These folders/files go with me to each event so it’s important that they’re kept in order.

I have always thought that my pedantic-ness is the perfect trait for the line of work I’m in – events management. You have to be super organised and super efficient to make any event run smoothly. (Here’s me doing a sterling job of explaining my OCDness!)

At home…
You may laugh at this and think I’m completely bonkers, but I have a certain way of doing everything at home, though I won’t make you go crazy by specifying every little thing. (I’m crazy enough for the both of us!)
My maid comes once a week and I like to make sure that all the laundry has been done so she just needs to iron it. Firstly because I like to make sure that the laundry is properly dried. She often washes the towels and packs them away while they’re still damp. And once anything has that damp and musky smell, it’s super difficult to remove it. Secondly I don’t like my maid using the washing machine. The washing powder gets everywhere but the drawer it’s supposed to be in, and if she does mess, she doesn’t clean it. There are a ton of other rants I have about how she doesn’t do things properly (like not putting the duvet the right way round into the cover, even though I’ve shown her…) but I suppose I can’t expect her to clean and do things like I would – like the crazy freak that I am. The only thing I can do is point out the things that she needs to do differently.

So, yes I’m crazy! Who doesn’t have a bit of craziness in them?! And yes I have super high standards! But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing… Here’s to hoping I’m not admitted to a crazy hospital one day!

Hugs & Kisses
Jessica Giggles

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  1. don’t even get me STARTED on my OCD. I’m generally look quite disorganised, but let me assure you that EVERYTHING gets done a specific way, and that all the chaos is actually quite well co-ordinated and everything needs to be put in a specific place, in a specific way.

    it’s really hard having a messy boyfriend and an even messier kid to completely make me throw a tantrum when something isn’t put back properly.

    just a small indication of my OCD-ness:

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  2. Love it! I think you just described me except that my OCDness is only for work and not home πŸ˜‰

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  3. I’m soooo glad I’m not the only OCD-aholic out there!

    ExMi – Completely agree on the messy boyfriend part. Though mine’s only messiness is not being able to find the dirty laundry basket… πŸ˜‰

    Tercia – How on earth are you able to curb your OCD at home…with kids? Teach me Master!

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  4. I have folders on my email.

    And my files are about the best in my division – in fact they are the best!!!

    I am not so bad at home tho!

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    • I don’t know how you are able to contain yourself at home… Though I suppose once one has kids, a certain amount of mess will follow… Thinking back to my au-pairing days, I did have to loosen up when it came to icing cookies etc… So maybe one day, my kids will loosen me up! πŸ™‚

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  5. For the record, you make your OCD sound very mild here.

    Jess has multiple laundry baskets/piles, for different types of laundry, for different days of the week, all in different locations. Honestly I’ve no idea where my blue shirt should go on a tuesday or my black socks on a friday. I’ve pretty much given up and simply dump all clothes in the corner of the room.

    I also get invoiced at the end of the week for these items of clothes (As a penalty for not getting them into the correct basket/pile) with the proceeds being donated to Jess’ Shoe fund.


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  6. Ha ha ha Gary love it and well done to Jess for her penalty system. You go girl!
    At least you still have domestic help – I let mine stay away after she left for a month without telling me she was going to do that. It freaked me out that I was paying someone to do stuff that I had to redo because it wasn’t done properly. I also hated refolding my washing because she didn’t do it the way I like it done.
    See you on the psych ward sister πŸ˜›

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  7. YAY! I am gonna have some little friend with me at the mental hospital! #:-)

    Being a project manager, I do exactly what you do at work. Also I have instructions on how to do “things” if I get knocked over by a bus. LOL!


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  8. Just a note… I haven’t actually made Gary pay up yet… There are only signed IOU pieces of paper with the amount deposited into my Shoe Fund money-box… πŸ™‚

    To my darlings al_ice and Sharon, I’m no longer dreading the day I’m admitted! At least now I know there’ll be some people there I know… πŸ˜‰

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  9. Hahaha you’re all fruity! I love it! But damn I recognise so many of those same tendencies in myself … oh dear!
    Gary, don’t you think it’s time you paid up on those IOUs that Jess is hoarding?

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  10. @Ann… do you have any idea how much money, or should I say potential money, is in that box. I happy to stick with the IOUs.

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  11. I am the same when it comes to my work. To the point that they have now made QA and standard monitoring my responsibility. I am pedantic about reports lining up properly and stored procedures being sequenced correctly, and people just don’t do it.
    It makes it really hard to go away and leave my work for someone else though because they don’t do it the way I want it done and I have to really try hard not to REdo everything when I get back so that it looks right again.

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  12. hehe…Gary, haven’t you realised that the multiple baskets are in fact not part of her OCD but of her clever little plan to take over the world with #sexyshoes?? (you go Jess!!!)

    Don’t even get me started on my OCD :/ the escalator….potato bake(u can ask O bout this)…the list goes on and on:) I think you’re pretty normal….well. mostly anyway:P

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