Cleaner heaven

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As we all know, I am an OCD-aholic. I have trouble watching people wrap a gift when I know I can wrap it better. Everything needs to be just so at work and at home. So you may all die a sudden death when I tell you that I am allowing my new cleaner to use my washing machine!

Is your jaw scraped up off the floor? Are you back in a stable seated position?

You see I love my new cleaner! I really do! I organised her to work at my office once-to-twice a week to help keep things neat and tidy. And once I realised what a gem she is, and that I was in desperate need of her help at home, I immediately organised for her to come to my house once a week.

And she’s amazing! On her first day here she cleaned out the fridge! Not just throw out the things that needed to be tossed, but she also wiped down all the shelves and cleaned out all the baskets. She also wiped down all the kitchen cupboards ensuring there were no oily marks left. All without being asked to! She also ironed and mopped and swept, and then she phoned me to say that she was all done and would it be okay for her to leave. This is quite unusual for me considering most of the cleaners I have had have left at their “chosen” time whether their job was finished or not. I was floored and so I decided that she must be worthy of using my washing machine.

Yes, I am a little mad. But there’s a little bit of madness in everyone, so what’s yours?!

Hugs & Kisses
Jessica Giggles


  1. I NEED her! I’ve just moved to Edenvale, it might be a bit far out though.

    Please find out for me if she’d be interested in once a week?

    PS You’re funny!

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  2. Wow she is a keeper for sure!! Where did you find her? Does she have a twin sister?

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  3. Its awesome to find someone who works to your standards! Lets hope it stays that way.

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