Changing House to Home

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I started the year off with a fierce desire to change my house into my home. As it goes with decorating, things take time… I started off with installing blinds in the kitchen, bathroom and stair landing to allow more privacy. We also bought a special couch for the TV loft which fits absolutely perfectly but I still want to add some scatter cushions and colourful throw blankets. 

I’m really lucky that MrMan is so good with DIY. Every now and then he gets a bee in his bonnet and rushes around tidying things up or sorting things out that are on the to-do list. (This also happened a few weeks back when he had a special proposal planned for that evening and couldn’t sit still even if he tried…)

Although I think we actually did this last year, we put up my iPhoneography Exhibition prints above the one couch in the lounge. There are a few other images I am wanting to print and include, but as it comes to choosing images for iPhoneography, this is pretty difficult. (And yes, the cushions not being symmetrical when I took this pic will haunt my OCD for life.)


When I lived with my dad I had two gorgeous shelves in my bedroom which I’ve kept over the years. They’ve been lying around in the loft study for the past few months while I’ve tried to decide where it would be best to put them. We settled on installing them in the loft just at the top of the stairs. The plan is to adorn them with photos of family and friends and other little ornaments.


My mom is coming to stay with us on her return part of her overseas trip so we need to get the spare room in order. MrMan installed the rustic wooden headboard a couple months back which was quite tricky. The headboard was two sides of a crate that needed to be “stuck” together. We then needed to find a way to hang it on the wall without using deadbolts, which we luckily managed to do with the help of our nearest hardware store. Recently we installed the curtain rail that we’d bought last year when we bought the rail for the main bedroom. Now all that’s needed is to buy some bedside lamps, more pillows, hang a pic or two, and move the leftover boxes to the study (for now).


At a Christmas party last year I got these awesome “hanging men” hooks that are just too cute. I was looking for the perfect place to put them and we decided they would work well on wall behind the main bedroom door as hooks for my multiple dressing gowns (summer, autumn/spring, winter). I had over-the-door hooks for all the gowns but it just looked messy. Now I smile every time I take off or put back my gown in the morning.

men hooks

The colour scheme in my house is quite neutral which was the plan to ensure it was modern/classic. I decided the bathroom needed a pop of colour and red was the first to came to mind. My mom found a fantastic bath mat from Ikea when she was overseas last year so all that was needed was to find a similar colour red. This was a feat as each place I went to sold pastels or didn’t have the right red. Eventually I came right and I’m loving how the colour changes the bathroom!

bathroom We have also been searching for the right shelf to install in the shower. This has been a mission! I have found ones that don’t have enough shelves or space for all the stuff. Or ones that were great but that fit over the side of the shower, which would work if I didn’t have a corner entry shower. We eventually found one and it happens to fit perfectly and give us the right amount of space.

There are still quite a few things on our to-do list but it felt exhilarating to to cross off some of the items. I will post another update when we’ve sorted out a few other things…


  1. Love that headboard! It’s so gorgeous!
    Your home is looking lovely

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    • Thanks Jeanette! It’s slowly coming together… 🙂

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