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While on my deathbed sickbed earlier this week I decided to see what was new on the App Store. I’m a cheapskate so I don’t actually ever buy an app. And considering the time some apps take to download, it’s no wonder I only download the free ones. Anyway…back to my point…

I came across this game called Can You Escape that involves figuring out certain puzzles and clues in order to get the lift doors to open so you can escape the room. At this stage there are only 8 levels but it was great to give my brain a bit of a workout.

Basically you are presented with a room

You now need to double-tap areas of the room to see whether they hold any clues or items you need. And you start to decipher certain things as clues and not that they are just there. Like here, this painting is just a painting but the 1915 could be the combination to unlock the safe.

This chest had a puzzle on the top that once you tapped each tile to make the image make sense…

…the chest opened to reveal an item.

This ended up being the handle to the little table so that you could open the drawer to get another key item. See where this goes… 🙂 Each item that you pick up will get stored in one of the blue blocks on the right until you need it. Each level increases in difficulty and then start adding on a few more rooms to each level.

I really enjoyed the brain challenge and I can’t wait until there are a few more levels to try out.


  1. i am at level 5..and trapped…where is the last clue?

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    • Hey Anthony, here are the places for the clues
      – Use the notepad to sketch off a clue (need a pencil)
      – Box next to the chair
      – Bicycle’s basket
      – Paintings

      Lift room:
      – Dartboard with darts showing certain numbers
      – Drawers under dartboard
      – Table next to lift
      – Bird cage

      Hope this helps!

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