Buttery goodness

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We were in need of a lazy night on the couch last night so we got in our pyjamas, made some popcorn and selected a movie called Butter. We had no idea what to expect when we pressed play but I must say I’m really pleased we did.

The movie is narrated by a little girl who has moved from foster family to foster family. She is finally adopted by a family in a small town in Iowa only to discover that the town is a little mad about their butter… The town has an annual butter carving contest which has been won by the same man for the last 15 years. She discovers a hidden talent for butter carving when she finds herself competing against a very ambitious local woman (played by Jennifer Garner).

I wouldn’t have ordinarily picked this movie but it’s one of those films that once you’ve watched it, you wonder why you hadn’t watched it before. It’s a feel-good, warm-your-heart movie that reminded me of Little Miss Sunshine.

If you’re still not sure you want to watch it, just take a look at the trailer below…

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