Built-in Bookshelf

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A couple months’ ago my dear DIY guy completed a built-in bookshelf in the downstairs lounge that we had been discussing for a while.

Many moons ago I am sure that other owners/tenants used the space to house those old-school box television sets as they would have fitted perfectly. The downstairs lounge isn’t our TV room so we wanted to keep this space for entertaining purposes and were trying to figure out the best use of the alcove. The first thought was a built-in bar but since Mr DIY had already built a bar unit on wheels, so this would have been overkill. We decided on a bookshelf after discovering how many books were still in storage…


Instead of using standard brackets, we used rectangular blocks of wood that were nailed directly to the wall and would provide the structure for the shelves.

Each shelf had to be measured separately because although the wall appears to be the same width all over, apparently no walls are ever built completely straight. So each plank of wood needed to be planed and shortened to fit in it’s specific position. It (looked like it) was a tough and irritating job but in the end they all fitted perfectly.

The after! I really am so pleased with how it has turned out! The weird space has been given a purpose and works so well. And the little white box on the floor? That’s my childhood toy box that now is now the official games box! It’s had wheels added to to back section so we can wheel it in and out of the alcove easily when needed.
To see what else we’ve been up to…

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