Born in a barn

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I have this theory… Now some of you will completely agree with me, and some of you will think I’m completely nuts! Yes I am a bit fried in the brain, but people love that weirdness about me. And for the record, I know I’m right about this. 😉

My theory is this: all guys have a gene that renders them helpless in closing a door. I call it the “born in a barn” gene.

I have investigated and studied this phenomenon for quite some time now and have decided to list my main findings:

1. At the office
It’s winter at the moment so I am trying to keep all the doors and windows closed in hope of keeping whatever heat there is inside. Every morning I ask the two guys I work with to keep the front and back door closed. And every day I end up having to close the doors myself a few times because they’ve been left open. (We have the same problem with them not turning off lights in rooms they’re not even in.)

2. At home
I love my fiancé dearly but I don’t understand how his brain works sometimes. When there is no-one in the house but us, he will close the bedroom door when he gets dressed. (When we’re alone I usually prance around the house in a semi naked to naked state so I’m not perturbed by the open door situation.) But lo and behold when there is someone staying with us or the maid is there… I will be dressing and I’ll look up and the bedroom door is wide open. I obviously closed it when I started changing, but darling fiancé came in, then left and then left the door open. On the plus side, he is really good at closing the front door and ensuring it’s locked.

I’m even willing to bet that if you went back in time you’d hear Mary shouting at Joseph to close the stable door…

So am I crazy or has my theory got some valid proof?

Hugs & Kisses
Jessica Giggles

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  1. Mine got the ‘I can’t put the toilet seat down’ or the ‘change the loo roll’ gene

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  2. Haha love it! It’s a male “defect” … if it’s not the door, it’ll be something else 🙂

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  3. It definitely has to be a gene, there is just no other way to explain it. Unfortunately I have a friend of the girl species who also cannot keep a door closed, so there might be a loophole somewhere in that theory 😉

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