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As you know, the need to get my home decorated and sorted is strong. I had ticked off one item so far – the couch for the TV area in the loft – and now just needed to sort out the blinds for the kitchen, bathroom and the stair landing leading up to the loft.

While I was still on leave I drove around getting some quotes so I could compare prices. (Adulting hard!) I opted for wooden blinds as these are a more hard-wearing than aluminium blinds that can bend or snap from the wind alone, but they are more expensive. I went to two companies specialising in blinds as well as Builders Warehouse. (Most people said I was stupid for going to Builders Warehouse because they’re so expensive, but they ended up coming in second with cost.)

One of the specialised blind companies ended up being the most cost effective so I confirmed their quote and asked them if they could please come to my home to remeasure the windows for recessed blinds just in case I had measured incorrectly, as well as bring the colour samples so I could see what they looked like in the right lighting and against my walls and mosaic backsplash.

After many samples and running between the areas trying to find the best choice for all three places, I managed to settle between these two. I wanted the blinds to be the same throughout the house to ensure continuity since I had used the same floor tiles throughout as well as the same mosaic backsplash in the kitchen and bathroom.

My final decision was to go with the “Ash” since this had more of a grey-brown undertone than the “Sand” which I thought to have more of a yellow undertone.

They were installed the other week and I am really happy with the final look. Now there’s more privacy in the kitchen while cooking or washing the dishes, and less glare from the afternoon sunlight. And the added bonus is now everything is a little darker when we go to bed since the complex’s lights stay on throughout the night.

blinds 2

blinds 3


  1. Looks great! What company did you eventually go for? I’m interested in getting blinds for a few of our rooms.

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    • Thanks! I used a company based in a Sunninghill shopping centre, can’t remember the name. I can forward on the number to you as well as where to find them if you want…

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    • I do blinds ! Il measure and quote for free! Il bring samples etc
      Janes interiors

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    • Thanks hunny! Really happy with them! 🙂

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