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In case you missed it… At the end of February this year I found a house I wanted to make my home.

The complex has been around for years, and proof of this is how old everything is within the place. (I am sure that the kitchen and bathroom were installed before I was even born!) But because it’s an older complex, the rooms are a lot bigger which is a huge bonus when you have the amount of stuff I do. When I first started looking at properties to buy, I realised how small the new places are with almost zero storage or cupboard space, so finding an older place with such space was a huge bonus!

Because the place was old and space wasn’t being used to the maximum, renovations were in order. These are the before pics (which are actually the pics used on the online property listing).

The kitchen:

The dining room (looking to the lounge):
Dining Room

The lounge:

The dining room with a view of the loft area:
Entrance & loft

The bathroom:

Once the house had been transferred into my name, I started obtaining quotes for the renovations I wanted to do. And based on what I wanted to do, the place was essentially going to be gutted! The renovation process is up next


  1. Ooooh, I love following renovation projects! Can’t wait to see what you’ve done!

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  2. So exciting! The place already has wonderful light coming in. Can’t wait to see how you change it to your style.

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