Becoming a roulette master

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I was invited to a fabulous evening at Gold Reef City Casino Hotel yesterday to shine a spotlight on their Roulette Masters competition which is currently running.

I checked into my room and spotted a fabulous gift of some gambling chips as well as roulette drinking game. (Need to arrange a party soon to christen this little baby.)

The theme for the evening was black and red which was appropriate given the colours of a roulette wheel.

I made my way to Back o’ the Moon which is where our dinner was being hosted. I met up with a few other “names” from Twitter like Dave, Heidi, Shaun and Shelley. We ordered a drink or two, attacked the bread basket, and waited for the formalities to start.

We were greeted by a fabulous MC who then passed us over to a roulette master or at least a gent who knew a thing or two about roulette. He explained the idea behind the game, how to bet to win big, etc. We were then told that we would be split into groups according to what number was written on our sparkly wristbands. I was in the first group to go through to the roulette table and I was quite excited. Gambling is so much fun when you’re not playing with your own money.

As we approached the table each of the five of us took a seat and saw a pile of chips in front of us. We then had a minute to place our bets before the ball was thrown for the first round.

So I took one pile of chips and spread them across the table. I ended up winning some of my chips back from the first round. SCORE! On the second round I did more or less the same with my second pile of chips. And again I ended up winning! On the third and last round we had to put all our chips on the table, so again I spread my chips around trying to hedge my bets. Well I won again!

My winnings put me at second place on the leaderboard and we then joined the other guests back at the restaurant.

We enjoyed a wonderful three course dinner during the evening. The company was fabulous. The entertainment (of burlesque dancers) was really enjoyable. The food was delicious. And the wine went a little to my head.

The time of the evening came when each guest had played their hand at the game and the leaderboard was finalised. The first twenty winners were each given a prize ranging from a meal voucher, a gift card voucher, or a night’s stay.

I didn’t think that I had managed to keep a place on the leaderboard considering I had only won a total of R990.00. BUT! I ended up coming 9th overall! Lucky for me I won a gift card voucher to Montecasino allowing me to treat myself to a small shopping spree. I was over the moon!


If you’re wanting to try your hand at roulette, why not participate in Tsogo Sun’s group-wide tournament which runs until 14 March ending with a grand final on 29 March. It will only cost you R100 per entry to buy into the tournament. After buying in, you will receive chips and must play every spin of the three rounds. Your remaining chips at the end of the last round will be totalled and scores will then be entered onto the leaderboard. You can enter as often as you like! At the end of the qualifying rounds, the players with the highest score from one buy-in will qualify for a seat in the finals, and the next 20 players will play for one of six seats in the finals. Once the finals have been held in each casino, the grand finals (of 36 players) will be held at Gold Reef City Casino. Sounds like fun, right?!

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