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For a while now I have had an idea of using decorative boxes to decorate this bland wall in the bathroom. In my opinion the bathroom needed “something” to finish it off (even after adding these portraits) and I figured this idea would work to create depth and allow for extra storage.

We originally had three boxes (2 squares and 1 rectangle) in a greyish pink whitewash. Since I needed more to create “the look” and was planning on painting them a darker grey, I was trying to find out where I could buy extra ones that were raw wood. Luckily I didn’t have to look too far as we ended up inheriting some white ones from a friend that moved to the Cape in December (3 squares and 1 rectangle).

I then took a couple days playing with possible layouts on the floor of our loft. Originally I had wanted something symmetrical but since we had an odd number of boxes this just wouldn’t work. So I played around and we finally decided on the layout that worked best without having to buy any extra boxes.

Once the layout was decided I needed to choose a colour and get to work sanding all the boxes. I wanted a darker grey to create a feature of them but had to make sure the grey was in the same tone family as the current wall colour.

The “fun part” came next when I used an electric sander for the first time! It took a few hours to sand all the boxes down (inside and out) and for days afterwards my hands were tingling. Such a weird feeling! Then I spent the next week or so painting the undercoat, primer, and three coats of colour. It took so long because I had to paint the outside of the boxes and let them dry for the day, then paint the inside of the boxes the next day and let them dry for the day. Luckily once I moved onto the colour coat I could do the inside and outside in one day based on the water-based paint drying quicker.

Once they were dry we then finalised the spacing between all the boxes and started with the three central ones.

From there we measured out the placement of the other four boxes.

I really am so pleased with the bathroom! Even happier that one room in the house is completely finished! Here’s a panoramic of the bathroom to give a full idea of the space.

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  1. Looks wonderful!
    My bathrooms (all 3 of them!) are in dire need of renovation… But alas, before that can happen, there’s sooooo much other work to be done to our house. And I am learning that, for all my “we’ll do it bit by bit, as the money comes in” talk, I am desperately impatient and all I want is to fix all the things right now! 😛

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