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I recently posted about getting more active and have been using a FREE app called Seven, which is a full body workout in just seven minutes using nothing more than your own body weight, a chair, and a wall (and a yoga mat or towel if you have tiled floors). I started the workout towards the end of May and am so happy with the changes I have already seen.

Seven a
The app comes with one workout unlocked which is to exercise the Full Body. There are 12 exercises that you do for 30 seconds with a 10 second rest in between each. The instructor verbally guides you through the exercises allowing you to focus on the exercise, and also counts down from 3 seconds which is awesome when you think you can’t last another moment longer.

Seven b

When you first begin you are given three hearts or “lives”. If you skip a day and miss a workout, you lose a heart. And if you lose all three hearts in a month your progress resets to zero it’s “game over” and you have to start again. There is the option to purchase additional hearts but A) I’m a cheapskate; and B) I think that defeats the purpose of pushing you to workout every day.

Seven c

For every second month you are active on the app, a random workout is unlocked. You can purchase these workouts to unlock them or purchase a monthly or yearly membership and unlock all 38 workouts (some aimed to lose weight, some to get beach ready, some to focus on specific areas). I do think though that the reward of staying active and unlocking these works is encouragement to continue (plus cheapskate-ness).

The app allows you to personalise it a bit by choosing from a list of instructors, adding reminders to exercise, as well as changing the amount of time per exercise or the rest period. The app has been based on scientific studies to provide the maximum benefit of working out regularly in the shortest time possible so they do recommend using the default interval timings (30 seconds exercise with 10 seconds rest between each set). If you do want more from your workout then just repeat the circuit once you’ve finished the 12 exercises.

When I began in May, I started with great intentions but then life got in the way with my mom visiting, family crises, work getting busy, etc and I lost all my hearts and my progress was reset. But I started again and challenged myself to unlock the achievement for working out 14 days in a row. <insert smug face> With that under my belt (and a much needed workout-day-off) I decided to up the ante and do two circuits of the full body workout each day. Soon I’ll have been using the app for 2 months and I’m hoping the Bikini Body workout gets unlocked next! Summer bodies are made in Winter after all…


  1. I used this app at the beginning of the year and loved it…especially the drill sergeant and his whistle! Well done on getting to 14 days, best I managed was about 6 😉

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    • I’m a sucker for wanting to unlock achievements and for not wanting to lose any hearts. Hoping this continues!

      Hope your new training programme is going well and you were able to walk after your first session… 🙂

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