App Review: Moves

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I have had the Moves app on my phone for quite a while but never really tried it out until recently. Basically the app tracks your everyday life and exercise and gives you a tally at the end of the day as to how many calories you burned that day. All you need to do is carry your phone with you in your pocket or bag.

I was quite surprised to see how much I actually walk! Obviously some days are a little busier than others but it’s been quite intriguing keeping an eye on my daily movements. I am slowly getting over a bout of bronchitis so I can’t wait till I’m completely healthy again so I can take my phone with me on a proper exercise excursion.

Below is a screenshot from a day last week that involved a lot more walking than usual (and in heels no less).


The app is able to sense between walking, running and cycling. You are also able to see the route you walked by tapping on the map. Best of all, Moves is free on the App Store!

The only issue that has cropped up for me was when I went walking earlier this week and the app saw my movement as travelling. I’m not sure whether that means that I walk so smoothly and quickly that it seems I am in a car, or that there is a little bug/gremlin. I will be testing it out a little more to see whether the latest update has fixed this bug though.

Please let me know if you try it and what you think of it!

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