Any excuse

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As you know I received my New Best Friend last Friday to test out for the next little while and I have been looking for ANY excuse to use it. And I mean ANY excuse!

You see…although I have driven the same route to work for the last two and a half years, and I know all the back routes and short cuts and and and… I now get my TomTom to get me to work each morning and home each afternoon. I’m proud to say that I have been choosing the shortest and quickest route to work each day. The only quicker or shorter route would be to get a bicycle and ride through the park.

I suppose it’s wishful thinking but the only thing I wish my TomTom would be able to do is advise me of what time I would need to leave based on the traffic in order to get to work on time, and then work backwards and ensure I wake up on time. Surely this will be possible one day! 🙂

Hugs & Kisses
Jessica Giggles

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