An inheritance of sorts

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Quite a few weeks ago I was given the heartbreaking news that my grandfather had passed away. The news came to me on my second day at my new job and luckily I was super busy at the office otherwise it’d have been difficult to keep my emotions in check.

My family organised to go to my grandfather’s cottage one Wednesday evening so we could go through his things and see if there was anything we’d like. It was wonderful going through things and remembering… I picked up a set of hard placemats and immediately remembered dinners at my grandparents’ flat where I only used to sit at a place where I thought the placemat was beautiful enough. (I put these in ‘my’ pile to take…) I picked up a particular small glass with a yellow and orange design and immediately remembered that being ‘my’ glass. The special glass that only I was allowed to drink out of. (I would have taken this too but it was badly damaged – chipped and cracked…) And then I found things that I can’t remember making – Christmas and birthday cards with the cute hand-writing of a little one learning to write. (I have these safely hidden to ensure no-one gets their hands on them, so no blackmail there… wink wink) Of all the things I looked through and put one side for me to take home, the most awesome thing I got to take was my grandparents’ dining room suite. (It helps being the youngest with the least amount of furniture…)

We were finally able to pick up the dining room suite this weekend after a few weekends of failed attempts. I was super excited when Saturday morning arrived and it was time to collect my company’s delivery vehicle (I asked to borrow it for the move), go to my aunt’s house to collect the furniture (my grandfather’s cottage was built on her property when my gran passed away), and go home to put everything in place. It was a bit of a rush getting everything done and we ended up only putting everything in place after coming home from the rugby, but I was super excited that everything was safe in my home.

The dining room table with the six chairs:

The sideboard:

Now all that’s missing are some fake flowers in all the vases, because anyone who knows me knows that I can’t keep plants alive for long…

Hugs & Kisses
Jessica Giggles

P.S. The greatest, happiest part of having ‘inherited’ this furniture is that every time I see part of the set I think of my grandparents… Love and miss you Granny and Grandad…


  1. Beautiful Jess! Can’t wait to come over and share the experience. Must be so special. When my grandmother passed away, we did a similar thing. I unfortunately couldn’t bring her rocking chair (beautiful old wood that I used to sit on as a child) all the way back to S.A., but I got her prayer beads, which for me was equally special as every time I now sit and pray, I feel her energy in it too and am reminded that these are the same beads she used to sit and pray on everyday, and they’re the same beads she taught me to say my first prayers on. Love you lots, Se

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  2. It’s gorgeous Jess.
    As for the vases, use them to put bamboo or sticks in them… no need to top up water 😉

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  3. now that is a special story for a special piece of furniture.

    Enjoy it and all its memories.

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