An eventful Thursday night

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I got home this afternoon and decided to sort a few things out before going to dinner at Gary’s parents’ house.

I started with the rubbish – tying the black bags, folding up the boxes from last week’s spring clean, and putting everything in the driveway so it’s easier to put on the pavement for collection tomorrow. I then started to get the house ready to leave – closing curtains, putting on specific lights, etc. And as I was doing this, the fun began..

The mains board tripped. So I switched the lights I had put on off, put the switch back up, and waited. A few seconds later it tripped again. This time I switched the millions of plugpoints off and try the main switch again. It stayed on for a few seconds before tripping once again… To cut the story down a bit, I eventually started putting some plugs on and testing the white switches for the geyser, lights and plugs. And I’d surmised that it was the fridge, tv stuff and alarm plugs that were causing the problem. Until the power tripped again! And then the main switch wasn’t even staying up! So I called Gary…

He made me feel like I was a dumb blonde bimbo (not his intention) even though I knew I was doing everything he would have done. And I couldn’t help being a little pissed off since he was away when I needed his manliness the most! So two phone calls (to him) later, and a lot of irritation at thinking I was doing something wrong, I phoned his dad and asked him to come save me…

He and Gary’s mom arrived 10 minutes later and we removed all the plugs from their wall sockets (I thought that turning off the plug was sufficient – apparently I was wrong). He then tested things and did exactly what I had done, and had the same result as I had! I felt extremely less dumb blonde-ish!

Eventually I called the landlady and asked if she was having power problems – no she wasn’t! So she came over and looked at things as well and also had no clue why the mains kept tripping. She has said she’ll organise an electrician to come tomorrow to try and sort it out. I hope they figure out what the problem is! At the very least Gary comes back tomorrow so maybe he can take a look…

So right now I’m sitting on the couch at the parents-in-law to be and I’ll be staying tonight. I’ll be able to read by bedside-light and not from a few candles, charge my phone, but most importantly, straighten my hair in the morning!

Hugs & Kisses
Jessica Giggles


  1. O huni 🙁 Glad your in-laws are nice, and help you out 🙂 Rest well! Sounds like it will be lovely 🙂 Yay for tomorrow [Gary back hehe]

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  2. awe hun men have this way of making you feel like a stupid five year old sometimes but its totally unintentional. hope things get sorted out soon {{{hugs}}} -karen

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  3. How utterly frustrating. Glad there was somewhere for you to stay

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  4. meh! That sucks….stupid Murphy:/ strange how these things always happen when, for instance, the man of the house is gone.

    So glad you have such amazing in-laws-to-be:) and Yay! for your heart coming back tomorrow.

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  5. And a girl needs to start a Friday with straight hair 🙂

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