An evening at Southern Sun Hyde Park

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Last night we had the pleasure of spending time at the Southern Sun Hotel situated in Hyde Park Shopping Centre. After a very long and frantic week I was more than happy to settle down on one of the couches on the Roof Deck and unwind over a yummy strawberry daiquiri (or two).

I have been to the Roof Deck before and it always astounds me how busy it is. Perhaps it’s popular because of the ample parking available in the shopping centre. Perhaps it’s popular because it’s very central. I think it’s fabulous because you experience the most amazing sunsets and then the twinkling of street lights.

When our group was ready we headed into the BiCE restaurant for, what I had just found out, a six course dinner with wine pairing. EXCITEMENT! The last time I had experienced a menu with wine pairing was when I went to Cube Tasting Kitchen in Parktown North where we had over twelve courses. I had such an amazing time then that I knew tonight would be no different…and I wasn’t disappointed!

BiCE brings the flavours and feasts of Italy to the heart of Johannesburg. They don’t stop just there though…most of the restaurant crew is Italian. Take the gorgeous Diego who explained each course to us, for example. Or the silver-haired, good-looking chef. If you’re a gal who loves a guy with an accent, then BiCE is the place to go! Add great food to the equation too and this ristorante is a winner. Just saying.

The first course was parma ham with shaved melon.
course 1

The second course was parmigiana di melanzane.
course 2

The third course was homemade ravioli with spinach and ricotta and some truffle slivers.
course 3

The fourth course was gnocchi with an oxtail sauce.
course 4

The fifth course was a lamb chop with salted spinach, and mashed potato with beef fillet.
course 5

The sixth and final course was traditional apple pie on the left, and a mixed berry cup on the right with strawberry ice cream.
course 6

I could easily have fitted in another dessert course, but isn’t there always extra space for dessert?! I really enjoyed each dish and considering my husband’s appreciation of MasterChef, I really loved the attention to detail with the plating of each dish. Diego was amazing in explaining each course and giving us a little bit of Italy just with his accent. I know one of the ladies at our table was hoping for a seventh course of Italian Kisses… 😉

Our sommelier (from the DRC) explained each wine in detail and was eager to share his vast experience with us. I can’t even begin to remember all the wines we enjoyed and I suppose that’s what happens when you enjoy the company, the food and the drink…

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