An afternoon with SAB at Nirox

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This past Sunday we were invited to a SAB food and beer pairing event held at Nirox situated in the Cradle of Humankind. It just so happened that Sunday’s event coincided with a Jazz in the Cradle which just added to my happiness. You see, I have organised many of these events over the years at my previous job and was quite excited to be able to enjoy this event as a guest this time around.

Nirox is gorgeous! And right on our doorstep considering it is about 45 minutes outside of Johannesburg. Not only is it a venue that can be used for private functions like weddings and celebrations, it is also used for public functions like the Jazz in the Cradle! If the beautiful setting of green lawns, ponds and many trees isn’t enough to get you smiling, it also features artworks on the grounds.

Once we’d said hello to our hostess and set our stuff down, we took a walk through part of the grounds. We would have walked a little further if it hadn’t been so hot, and had I not been wearing wedges.

We first spotted this gorgeous copse of trees.

And then we spotted this pond and just had to sit down and take in the gorgeous view. I definitely would not be unhappy if this were my backyard.

The great thing about Nirox is that you find something in every nook and cranny. There are sculptures everywhere! And where there isn’t a sculpture, there’s a bench where you can sit and look at the view and ponder life’s intricacies.

Lunch was served a lot later than we anticipated so we were absolutely starving when we were finally seated. I have heard a lot of things about Chef Reuben and was really looking forward to tasting his dishes.

There was a choice of starters available and I opted for the beef tataki with smoked aubergine. The beef was a little too underdone for my liking but I did enjoy all the different tastes.

For mains we also had a choice and I went with the crispy duck confit which was absolutely amazing!

Although the event was supposed to be a beer and food pairing, none of our courses were paired by the waiters. I’m sure this would have been amazing but I was pretty happy to stick to my water considering it was so hot.

I really loved my afternoon out! Definitely going to keep an eye out for other events taking place at Nirox.

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