An Afternoon with Exclusive Books

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On Friday I attended Exclusive Books‘ Wish List event held at the Full Stop Cafe in Parkhurst. We were asked to bring along a children’s book as our “entrance fee” which would then be donated to their new SEED library. Taking my giggly personality into account, this is one of the books I donated.


I then signed in at the registration table and this name tag. Who knew I was considered Twitterati?! I’m totally adding that to my bio…


I then headed through to the main event area and found a seat at a table with some ladies that I knew and some that I got to meet for the first time. The one thing I really love about going to these events is getting to meet new people or finally being able to meet people in real life that I have been chatting to online for months/years. This excitement never gets old!

This year Exclusive Books has teamed up with Zapiro for their holiday “Season’s Readings”. I really love what they have come up with for this campaign.


The event not only included a delicious lunch, it also involved two panel discussions and the announcement of the Book of the Year Judges Choice Award. Great food, great conversation and a great company. All in all it was a lovely afternoon.

I happened to spot these Scrabble espresso cups on one of the showcase tables and will now be on the hunt for them! I just have to buy myself a set of M’s, if they’re available.


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