An Abu Dhabi Adventure (Day 8)

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My last day in Abu Dhabi seemed to have dawned so quickly! I wasn’t ready for it to be my last day with my mom! I wasn’t ready to pack my bags and head home. But the time had come and I decided to make the most of our last day together…

We started off the day with another swim at the Corniche. The water was lovely – just the right side of warm but cool enough that it was refreshing. Then it was time to go home and get ready for the day’s activities. I did an online check-in for my flight which meant that I didn’t need to be at the airport 3 hours before my flight, but rather an hour before so I could check in my luggage and have enough time to get through passport control and find the boarding gate. Once that was done and we were ready, we went to the material shop as I had decided to get 2 pairs of pants made by my mom’s tailor. I had brought them with me and I got chatting to my mom about how well they fit etc etc, and she suggested we find some material and have duplicates made. What a brilliant idea! And even more exciting was the huge discount we were given on the fabric!

From there we went past a Dirham store which I called a Dollar Store as everything is “cheap and cheerful” but mostly there is tons of crap that you dig through to find a gem. It was fun shopping here and made me super happy to know I had bought some things that cost me less than a pair of shoes in SA.

After my little shopping spree, my mom took me to meet Achmed and Carrie. Achmed is a doctor and practices at one of the main hospitals in Abu Dhabi. He was also the one who came to my mom’s aid when her husband passed away. Carrie is his wife and is American. She’s been living in Abu Dhabi for the past several years but it still sounded weird to hear her speaking Arabic with her accent. I asked her if she could please write my name in Arabic as it’d been something I’d wanted to know since arriving (it is read right to left).

We left their house around 3:30pm and went past another Dirham store so I could have another small spree, and we were home by 5:30. We went for a quick swim at the apartment complex’s indoor pool to cool down and then it was time for me to bath, finish packing and have a small bite to eat before leaving for the airport.

Even though I didn’t want my trip to end, it had to. And it was sad to hug my mom goodbye knowing I wouldn’t see her again until her trip to Johannesburg at the end of July. But all trips need to end and we always need to get back to life.

I got through passport control very quickly and headed to my boarding gate for my 10:30pm flight. Boarding started about 15 minutes later than scheduled but you could easily tell the South Africans apart from the other passengers as they were already queueing from the time as listed on their boarding passes.

The flight was uneventful save for the guy behind me who must not have known that the screen (for viewing movies etc) was a touch screen as he was banging and hitting it which resulted in my head feeling as if someone was hammering it. I did try and get some sleep on the plane though it was difficult as I had the stupid man to deal with, and because I find it difficult to sleep in planes.

We arrived at 4:30am (about 30 minutes earlier than expected) and I breezed through passport control and again had my bag delivered on to the carousel first.

I was home and my trip was officially over. I was now left with tons of laundry, and gifts to deliver. But all that could wait! I changed into my pyjamas and climbed into bed and enjoyed a three hour nap!

Hugs & Kisses
Jessica Giggles

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  1. Your trip sounds absolutely amazing. Good you had this break during a time that could have been extra tough,

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