An Abu Dhabi Adventure (Day 3)

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Another early start was in store for me on Monday 16 May as we had to leave the house by 07h30 in order to get to the first school on the list (of three) for the day. We didn’t spend more than an hour at the first school before moving on to school number two for another hour or so, and then finally onto school number three. We left school number three around lunch time and as I was starving, we stopped at a local restaurant in the Bani Yas district. We had flat bread and humus and salad (though my mom ate all of this) and roasted mutton. And we washed this down with some soft drinks. The tee total of the lunch came to about R36.00! I was gobsmacked! Nowhere in South Africa (that I know of) can feed two people for R36.00 and leave them so full that they roll home. It was awesome!

While driving away from one of the schools, we spotted two baby camels that had been fenced in by their owners. They didn’t care about the lack of space, they were just happy to have some food to munch on.

After lunch we made our way over to the Sheik Zayed Mosque (the mosque that helped create the perfect sunset on Day 2’s adventure).

As it is a religious building, it was necessary for my mom and I to dress accordingly. We both donned our abaya’s (a black dress/tunic) and shaylah’s (a piece of material used to cover your hair).

In trying to explain the next set of pics, I need to explain the layout of the mosque and the surrounding infrastructure. If you look at the mosque from the parking lot, the mosque is on the right. To the very left of it is a large open quad. And to the “top” and “bottom” and left of this quad are covered walkways with the most beautifully decorated pillars.

This pic is taken from the entrance to the mosque showing the quad and the covered walkways that flank it’s sides.

This pic shows the myriad of pillars that decorate the covered walkways, and a close up of the intricate detail that covers the pillars.

And these pics were taken when my mom and I walked through the covered walkways to the opposite side of the quad (ie looking toward the mosque now and to the walkway on the right).

And if you thought the exterior is amazing, just look at the interior now!

Isn’t this the most gorgeous ceiling decor and chandelier you have ever seen?! And this is only in the foyer area of the mosque.

Also in this foyer area are gorgeously decorated panes of glass. The left pic is looking through the glass over the quad. And the right pic is looking through a set of doors down a covered walkway.

As I entered the mosque, I immediately got the feeling of how small I actually am. The building is immense! And I don’t think the few pics below will accurately depict the size and proportion of this beautiful building.

Again there are a myriad of pillars and domes all beautifully decorated. And again the most gorgeous chandeliers I have laid eyes on.

The gorgeous pillars

And the detail at the top of each set of pillars. This is made out of solid gold.

And the roof and wall detail

This is the wall that is faced when you pray. The words on the wall are all prayer words in Arabic.

After exhausting our cameras at the mosque, we headed over to Madinet Zayed Shopping Centre which is known for it’s discount shops. We know how much I love a bargain so I was in seventh heaven. We made our way to a perfume shop first and I bought a gorgeous smelling Arabic perfume. (If you see me in the next few months, be bold and take a smell at my neck as the perfume really is gorgeous!) We then went to a shoe and clothing store and went a bit mad buying things for my niece – gorgeous shoes and cute summer dresses. And before we left, we went past the main perfume shop and I managed to hunt down my favourite Lacoste perfume. Not only was I given quite a discount, when I converted the price back to Rands, I realised I had a real bargain on my hands and purchased a bottle immediately – 1 large bottle of Lacoste “A Touch of Pink” for roughly R280.00. I think I may need to get my mom to stock up on a few bottles for me and bring them over when she comes to visit in July.

We called it a day after the shopping excursion and went home exhausted. We weren’t allowed to laze forever though as my mom had planned a dinner with friends on level five of her apartment building. Luckily dinner didn’t end too late and we didn’t have far to go to find our beds.

*Day 4’s adventure to come soon…

Hugs & Kisses
Jessica Giggles


  1. Hi there. Very nice pics! Beautiful mosque and the abaya suits you!

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  2. Beatiful pics! Love reading about your adventure 🙂

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  3. It really looks like you had a stellar adventure. The mosque is beautiful and yeah on the perfume.

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  4. Wow that mosque is so beautiful and it sounds like you had the awesomest of holidays!

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