All hail the king

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…the king sized bed that is!

Last Friday Gary and I went in search of a tailor-made corner couch unit for our new home (we’ve been searching for a couch since we put in the offer to purchase our house). Unfortunately we had no luck at the place we had gone to but on the way back to the office we were lucky in another way… NO! Not that way, you naughty-minded people!

We happened to pass a factory outlet for couches and beds and decided to go in and have a look around at what they had available. We looked at their couches but nothing seemed to grab us. And then we headed to their bed section because we were told that there was a special on at the moment.

A Restonic, no-turn, memory foam, king sized bed was on special. For only R5,000.00! Depending on the quality they can cost as much as R10,000.00 so this was a bargain!

As we had been discussing buying a new bed for a little while, we bought it. And after work that Friday we went past Sandton to buy a new duvet and bed linen so we would be ready once it was delivered.

It arrived on Saturday and we ripped off the protective plastic only to find that they had delivered the correct standard length base, but that the mattress was extra length (obviously not what we ordered). It took a few phone calls to the store manager and about an hour or two before our mattress arrived. Again we tore off the protective plastic and got to work setting up our bed. Boy were we excited to sleep that night!!

I must be honest in that the first night’s sleep wasn’t great. And I think it was mainly because the mattress was new and not what I was used to. It was also a bit odd to sleep in whatever position I chose to and not elbow Gary in the back.

The last few nights have been amazing though. And I think that Gary and I will be happily married for years as we now no longer need to fight for mattress space or for the duvet, and I can now sleep however I want to without leaving Gary with bruises!

So…All hail the king!

Hugs & Kisses
Jessica Giggles

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  1. Ooh nice!! I love our king size bed… especially with the kids wanting to sleep with us for a while!

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